Greg Shepherd joined HBF Board of Directors

HBF is pleased to announce that Greg Shepherd joined our Board of Directors in 2023. Greg has a long history with HBF and we are delighted that he has committed to this new leadership position.

Greg has been involved with HBF for more than 6 years. He is the Denver General Manager for Accessible Systems. As a volunteer, sponsor and donor Greg has impacted many HBF clients. For over 20 years, the goal of Accessible Systems has been to help our neighbors live in their homes safely and independently. This shared vision is just one reason Greg is such a welcome addition to our Board.

Beginning in 2020, Greg was involved with a long-term project to convert a basement into an accessible space for HBF client Adriana G. Sourcing a Vertical Platform Lift (VPL), ceiling lift and other equipment was instrumental to the success of this project. Greg says, “That equipment made a big difference in the family’s lives.” He considered this one of his most memorable experiences with HBF.

Growing up, Greg aspired to be a businessman like his dad. And his path to Accessible Systems was paved with a stint at 1stBank. Greg’s tendency to fight for right was put into action during that time – when he chased after a bank robber!

Greg’s favorite holiday is the 4th of July. He loves watching the CU Buffs and he will welcome the opportunity to compete in mountain biking if he ever makes it to the Olympics. If you ever meet Greg at Starbucks, go ahead, offer to pay, his favorite drink is a Grande Iced Water. You’ll know it’s him, because he is the guy that some say looks like Anthony Edwards (the ER version not the Top Gun version).

Welcome to the 2023 Board of Directors, Greg!

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