Pucks Player Profile – “Forward” John Guilliams

The wait is almost over! Only one week until Pucks for Possibilities. As we anticipate the exhibition game on March 1st, we want to share this week’s “Pucks Player Profile”. Today we feature, John Guilliams, AIA Partner, Director of Design at KGA Studio Architects.

John has been playing hockey for two years, when his sons convinced him to join their adult team. They knew he had always wanted to play. He considers himself strictly “a Forward.” He acknowledges that he is still learning and he is having “great fun!” But, what a great way to celebrate a fledging hockey career, playing on the Ball Arena’s ice.

One of John’s favorite hockey memories is from when his sons were younger and played on opposing teams. He cherishes the times he was able to travel to tournaments with his boys. Just like when his kids were playing, he knows, March 1st will be an amazing night. Win or lose, John is looking forward celebrating with Pink Whitney’s after the game.

As with many things within HBF, one thing leads to another. John has been involved in various projects and with Blitz Build for years. He recently signed on to the 2022 HBF Board of Directors. And now he gets to lace up his blades and participate in Pucks for Possibilities. He is looking forward to skating with Mike and Trevor, also from KGA Studio Architects.

In the last several weeks, we’ve been helping you get ready for the game by sharing player profiles and fun game facts, including hockey slang like this:

  • Blades: hockey skates
  • Forward: an offensive player on a hockey team that aims to score the puck past the opposing goalie and into the opposing team’s net. Or the direction that John mostly skates!
  • Pink Whitney: this is not, at all, a hockey term. It is a cocktail (which hockey players and fans alike are very familiar with) made from mixing New Amsterdam vodka with pink lemonade. A drink John is anxious to celebrate with!

Come out and join your friends, like John, at Pucks for Possibilities, an exhibition hockey game where members of HBF’s community will face off on the ice, followed by a cocktail reception and Colorado Avalanche game.

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