Pucks Player Profile – Goalie, Steve Gerken

Pucks for Possibilities, presented by Builders FirstSource, returns to the Ball Arena ice on Tuesday, March 1st.  Today we want to introduce you to Steve Gerken from Milgard. And, just for fun, we’ll teach you some new slang to use at the game.

Steve has played hockey for 38 years! Before the game he pulls on his pillows while he eats a snack and gets ready for the game. After all these years, it’s unlikely that he will get faked out by a cocky dangler, but the other team is welcome to try it! During Pucks, Steve will protect the cheese from all clappers. And if the opponents want to keep their chiclets, they don’t dare try to make him a “sieve”.

To this day Steve still remembers the 1980 Olympic Hockey team winning gold! (Good news, you can still check out the game on the internet or watch the 2004 movie “Miracle” on Disney+.) He thinks his team has a “better than good chance” to win this year’s Pucks game. “Cause-ya’know, we’ve got a great goalie!”

Pucks for Possibilities is an exhibition hockey game where members of HBF’s community will face off on the ice, followed by a cocktail reception and Colorado Avalanche game.

Over the next several weeks we will help you get ready for the game by sharing player profiles and fun game facts, including hockey slang like this:

  • Cheese: the top shelf of the net
  • Chiclets: teeth
  • Clapper: a slapshot
  • Dangle: when a player is a deke (or decoy) by making moves to fake out the goalie or opposing player; also used to describe the act of stick-handling
  • Gino: a goal that is scored
  • Pillows: the goaltender’s leg pads
  • Sieve: a goaltender who allows a lot of goals, usually referred to as being full of holes

The exhibition puck drops at 2:30pm on Tuesday, March 1st, and ticket sales for this event will close soon. The game is sure to be high-scoring with a ton of gino’s, so contact Lauren today to reserve your seat at the rink!

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