HBA’s, Steve Seno Joins the Pucks Roster

Heads up, Pucks for Possibilities fans! We’ve got ourselves a Pucks rookie! Steve Seno, HBA Education and Training Manager, will join the roster for the first time.

Pucks for Possibilities, presented by Builders FirstSource, returns to the Ball Arena ice on Tuesday, March 1st.  As promised, during the weeks leading up to the game we will introduce you to some of the players and teach you some new slang to use at the game.

Steve recently joined the HBA and is excited to meet players from both organizations. At Pucks he is ready to showcase his defensive skills and control the biscuit. He’ll be looking for at least one good Kronwall during the game. One of Steve’s favorite hockey memories is winning the Illinois State High School Hockey Championship, back in the day, with only nine players. Steve will be looking for the “big W, so he can be “celly” with the boys!” after the game. And he definitely doesn’t want the label hoser after the game.

Pucks is an exhibition hockey game where members of the HBF community will face off on the ice, followed by a cocktail reception and Colorado Avalanche game.

Over the next several weeks we will help you get ready for the game by sharing player profiles and fun game facts, including hockey slang like this:

  • Biscuit – the Puck
  • Celly – Either this means “celebrating” or Steve made it up
  • Hoser: another name for a loser, typically intended as an insult in trash talk. Comes from the early hockey days when the losing team had to hose down the ice with water after the game because the Zamboni had not been invented yet
  • Kronwalled:a big hit by a defenseman, named after Niklas Kronwall

The puck drops at 2:30 and there are only a few tickets remaining for this event. The game is sure to be a barn burner, so contact Lauren today to reserve your seat at the rink!

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