Pucks for Possibilities, presented by Builders FirstSource, returns to Ball Arena March 1st

The wait is almost over! Pucks for Possibilities, presented by Builders FirstSource, returns to the Ball Arena ice on Tuesday, March 1st! The night is sure to be filled with hard slapping-stick swinging action, and plenty of (chirping) trash talking.

In true Pucks for Possibilities tradition, your favorite Beautician Kurt Winfield (Front Range Windows and Doors) will try to lead his team to the “W”. Kurt was instrumental in bringing the first Pucks for Possibilities to the ice way back in 2011. Pucks is an exhibition hockey game where members of the HBF community will face off on the ice, followed by a cocktail reception and Colorado Avalanche game.

Over the next several weeks we will help you get ready for the game by sharing player profiles and fun game facts, including hockey slang like this:

  • Barn Burner – used to describe a game that is high scoring, fast paced, and exciting to watch
  • Beautician/Beauty – a player on the team that’s talented both on the ice and off and loved by the rest of the team. Typically has great flow, great hands, and always has some good locker room stories
  • Biscuit – the Puck
  • Chirping – trash talk on and off the ice

The exhibition biscuit drops at 2:30. There are only 50 tickets remaining for this event. The game is sure to be a barn burner, so contact Lauren today to reserve your seat at the rink!

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