What have you been up to for the past 10 years?

Many of us cannot remember exactly what we were doing 10 years ago, but it is a good bet Beth Forbes can. Monday, February 8th marked Beth’s 10-year work anniversary with HBF. Beth’s actions, attitude, words and top-notch performance have affected lives in so many ways. This milestone is good time to reflect on HBF during Beth’s tenure and also imagine what is still possible in the future.

Since 2011, Beth has had a hand in more than 800 HBF client projects. This includes clients, volunteers and supporters through 10 years of Blitz Build (an event she conceptualized and brought to life), as well as projects year-round. What started as 33 projects in her first year has increased to over 100 in 2020, equating to thousands of people impacted by the work of HBF. “Beth truly embodies HBF’s creed”, says Alice Wurst, HBF Administrative Manager. “She models the mission of building independence and elevating lives, not just for our clients, but also for our staff. She trusts us and gives us the independence we need to do our jobs well, while elevating us by challenging us to do better. Creating an environment of independence and collaborative teamwork at the same time is not easy, but Beth excels at this and it is why I love working for her.”

The Past 10 Years – Milestones

Beth was asked the typical milestone questions such as, “What is the most difficult part of your job?” She replied, “Balance. Weighing client needs with the resources available. Our partners and clients depend on us to provide the expertise and professionalism to get the job done right. I want to ensure the 

longevity of the foundation and guard the services and support we provide to the community.”

“What is the best part of your job?” Beth answers, “the people and building relationships” without hesitation. “I had no idea how supportive an industry could be until I was in it. I love that I have the flexibility to pivot, try new things and improve, without a bunch of red tape.” Like many of us, Beth started this industry in her 20’s. Now facing 40, she knows – without a doubt, she can count on her industry relationships – professionals who just “keep showing up!”.   It’s the people who continue to see her and HBF through the ups, downs and all-arounds.

Below are just a few of the things HBF’s crews are saying about Beth.

“Beth brings unbridled energy to her job and HBF’s cause.  She has successfully guided and directed HBF over these past 10 years and created an organization the industry and I am VERY proud of.  She is also a true friend!” – Hamid Taha, Alpine Lumber

“Unbeknownst to us, HBF’s 2016 Annual Luncheon was scheduled for the day after the Presidential Election. I was required to conduct the business portion of HBF Luncheon, which I had been nervous about for 2 years. Now, we were also apprehensive about how to address – or not – the headlines in the news. As Beth and I walked through the events scheduled for the day, we both relaxed as we realized HBF is about what brings us together, not what divides us.

This is just one example of how the mission of HBF transcends the world we live in. HBF shifts what we think is important, and puts focus on our clients. The foundation is being graciously led by an incredible, caring, productive, forgiving, understanding and amazing person – Beth Forbes!” – Dan Merciez, Boise Cascade

“Beth has a passion for the organization and clients that is unmatched. Without a doubt, the past twelve months have been a challenge as we’ve all navigated COVID. As we’ve come to expect, Beth has adapted and kept HBF moving forward and achieving its goals.” – Jim Iversen, Rio Grande Company

“Working with Beth has been one of the most rewarding parts of my job at HBF. Her passion and dedication to HBF and our clients is truly amazing to be a part of. HBF would not be where is it today without her hard work and commitment to serving our clients and the Denver community.” Lauren Knudsen, HBF

Thank You, Beth!

We asked Beth to narrow down her “most memorable” moment with the HBF. She indicated it was the 25th Anniversary Celebration in 2018. It was a time to “reflect on the beginning, celebrate the present, and envision the possibilities and opportunities for the future.” The future holds no certainties, but one guarantee; Beth we cannot wait to spend the next 10 years exploring all the possibilities with you.

From all of us, thanks for every act of kindness, every word, everything you have done to make our communities a better, safer place. Happy 10-year work anniversary!

For opportunities on how you can get involved with HBF (and work with Beth!) contact Lauren Knudsen.