HBF Raises Awareness in September

September marks “National Muscular Dystrophy Awareness Month”. An annual observance that raises awareness and drives critical fundraising for more than 300,000 families across the nation who are living with muscular dystrophy, ALS, and other related neuromuscular diseases. Please read on to learn more about one of our newest clients, Ethan.

At a young age, Ethan was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. This was a complete shock to his parents, as they were unaware of any family history of the disease. During the summer of 2019 Ethan reached the peak of his physical ability. And he now uses the assistance of a power wheelchair. Accessing and safely using the restroom in his home has always been a challenge. Ethan’s parents have been looking for a solution for him to easily access the restroom and other family areas in their home, including their basement.

Connecting With HBF

In March 2022, HBF Board Members, George Brauchler and Damian Rosenberg visited Ethan’s home. George remembers Ethan, “He is a sweet boy-with an amazing appetite-who just wants to keep up with his busy family. Independence will be key as he continues to grow and mature.” Damian added, “I think the idea of even the smallest modification at the families Elizabeth house will greatly improve young Ethan’s burgeoning independence.” Both George and Damian recommended HBF move forward with Ethan’s application.

Ethan’s bathroom remodel has been approved. HBF has awarded the project to the HBA of Metro Denver’s Professional Women in Building (PWB) Council. PWB member, Hayley Seldon says, “I’m excited to be leading this bathroom remodel. Ethan, is a spirited and fun little boy, and we’re so looking forward to giving him more independence. A wider bathroom and a roll-in shower will allow for more freedom of motion when assistance is needed, along with a roll-under sink he can use on his own. Our PWB chapter has always had a philanthropic heart and are delighted for the opportunity to execute Ethan’s project!”

We invite you to share the work of HBF and help spread awareness of National Muscular Dystrophy Awareness Month and World Duchenne Day! Be sure to watch our blog as we provide updates on home modifications for Ethan and other HBF clients. 

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