HBF Recognizes ALS Awareness Month and Celebrates Client Sean H.

This month HBF recognizes ALS Awareness Month, which occurs every May. By featuring just a few of our clients who are living with ALS, we will use this
opportunity to spread awareness regarding amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). We are proud to share the modifications HBF and our supporters have completed for our clients like Sean H.

Sean is a young adult who was diagnosed with ALS in August 2020. Shortly after his diagnosis Sean moved home to live with his parents. The ALS Association Rocky Mountain Chapter provided HBF’s contact information so the family could inquire about a ramp for their front door. Their entry is angled and was an issue for the ramp that the ALS Association could provide. The family only asked HBF to “take a look at their front door/step and provide guidance.” As it turns out, the angle was an issue for HBF too, but we had a solution! With the help of Ascent Mobility, a vertical platform lift (VPL) was installed, easing Sean’s access to the home. This modification was completed in early 2021.

Fast forward to January 2022. Sean requires daily assistance with personal care and transitioning from bed to wheelchair, wheelchair to toilet, etc. He no longer feels comfortable with his mom and dad lifting and transitioning him. They were heading into the next level of care for him with equipment and home modifications. The family again reached out to HBF for help. And again, HBF was able find a solution.

Construction Technicians, Steve, and Mike from HBF, were able to completely remodel a bathroom and closet on the main floor of the home. The project was completed in April. As a result, Sean has a modicum of independence.

Elevating Sean’s Life

“The modifications are wonderful. And Sean is loving the roll in shower, opened toilet area and wheelchair accessible closet. Having a door on the bath let’s him enjoy the steamy showers he loves. The shower head and turn on features are fabulous, so much easier and safer for him and for us as caregivers. We are extremely grateful for all the guidance from Steve, Brian, and Mike. We would not have known where to begin. Steve and Mike are talented and knowledgeable craftsmen! Wade and I plan to continue to gift to HBF, the organization provides a much needed service to so many disabled. We’re proud of the work you do.” – Lacy, Sean’s mother 

The work done in Sean’s home was a true collaboration, involving ALS Association Rocky Mountain Chapter, NFHA, National Fair Housing Alliance, Ascent Mobility and HBF’s Crew! By combining the resources of each, HBF can provide home modifications at no cost to families like Sean’s.

Please join us recognizing ALS Awareness Month and celebrating clients like Sean!

What is ALS?

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is a rare neurological disease affecting nerve cells that control voluntary muscle movement. Individuals with ALS experience a degeneration of their motor neurons. This causes the muscles to stop receiving the signals needed to function. After a certain time, the brain completely loses its ability to control voluntary movements. Hence, people with ALS are often unable to walk, move, or even breathe properly.

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