Celebrating National Fair Housing Month with Community Partners, NFHA!

In conjunction with our partnership with Denver Metro Fair Housing Center (DMFHC), is our relationship with the National Fair Housing Alliance (NFHA). The NFHA team met HBF in early 2013 as NFHA established a new fair housing center, Denver Metro Fair Housing Center (DMFHC).  NFHA staff was introduced to HBF staff by the new Executive Director of DMFHC. Both relationships continue to offer benefits to all three organizations.

Sherrill Frost-Brown, NFHA – VP Member Services & Community Development, states “The partnership between HBF and NFHA leverages the strengths of each organization to meet the needs of individuals with disabilities and their families in the greater Denver metro region.”

Frost-Brown recalls the many projects the two organizations have completed since joining forces, and says, “The ones that provide added accessibility or improvements to the life of a child are especially moving.”

April is National Fair Housing Month

As we collectively recognize April as National Fair Housing Month, NFHA would like to remind audiences that: April 11, 2022, marks the 54th anniversary of the passage of the fair housing act. According to many experts and researchers, our country today is more segregated than it was before the act was passed. Discrimination against persons with disabilities is the most reported basis in housing complaints filed with fair housing centers, HUD and state enforcement agencies. Fair housing is still an issue we need to address.

HBF Executive Director, Beth Forbes states, “We are so grateful for the longstanding partnership HBF has with National Fair Housing Alliance and Denver Metro Fair Housing Center. Thanks to their support from community relief funds, in the past 10 years we’ve been able to positively impact the lives of 116 individuals and their families with accessible home modifications. This equates to an impact of nearly $1.2M. We look forward to continuing our great work together in 2022, and beyond!”

NFHC Mission: National Fair Housing Alliance is the voice of fair housing. NFHA works to eliminate housing discrimination and to ensure equal housing opportunity for all people through leadership, education, outreach, membership services, public policy initiatives, community development, advocacy, and enforcement.

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