Help Welcome Joe Stein to the Board of Directors

This time of year is always special. We are busy at HBF preparing for annual events and we are welcoming new members to our Board of Directors. We are so excited for the different styles and points of view these people will contribute during their tenure on the board. Starting today watch HBF’s blog and our social media channels to learn more about each of these #facesofHBF.

Today we are pleased to introduce you to Joe Stein, Market Sales Manager Building Material Supply & Truss Manufacturing for Builders. Joe has been involved with HBF for three years. He was introduced to the organization through a vendor when he was invited to Pucks for Possibilities. Joe was very impressed with the level of support and commitment shown at that event. When Executive Director Beth Forbes contacted him later that year and asked if he would be interested in getting involved as one of the lumberyards supporting Blitz Build, he replied with a resounding YES! Since that time, HBF has become the organization of choice for Builders. to give back to the community.

One of the most impactful moments for Joe was his first year involved with Blitz Build. He had the opportunity to follow Builders. delivery truck to the client’s home to take pictures for their company newsletter. While there, Joe witnessed first-hand the impact of HBF. He watched a young boy come home from school. His dad and grandfather met his at the bus stop and had to carry him up the concrete steps into their home. Seeing the deep appreciation for everything HBF had provided solidified his commitment. Their joy and excitement about now being able to easily access their home, made Joe realize how profound and important the work of HBF is.

Joe has been credited with a “pretty good Rodney Dangerfield impersonation”. But being involved with HBF is no joke. This year, he amped his dedication by applying and being selected to our Board of Directors.

When not working or helping out HBF, Joe enjoys all the popular Colorado sports teams, including the Broncos, Avalanche, Nuggets and CU’s basketball and football teams. Be sure to seek Joe out at this year’s Pucks for Possibilities on March 1st. Thank him for accepting the invitation to Pucks three years ago and thank him for accepting a seat on the board. And maybe ask him to do a Dangerfield skit!

We hope you will join us in sending a big welcome to Joe and all the new board members. An HBF board term is typically three years, with an option for two terms. HBF is so fortunate that most of our board members elect to serve two terms. This provides a continuity that is comforting to clients and staff alike.

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