Final Figures Are In For 2021

Duane, HBF Client

In 2021, HBF served a record number of individuals – 136! This number surpasses our previous high of 128 clients in 2019.

We are proud to announce that HBF was able to make an impact in our community with home modifications totaling a retail value of $947,996.48. Wow! What a difference our projects made for people like Joshuah, Duane, and Anne.

HBF completed 248 work items in 2021. You’ve probably read about Hattie and Matt, but not every project involves a substantial modification. We know that regardless of size, though, all our projects are impactful. Many of our 136 clients benefit from a simple handrail or ramp for easy access into their home.

And as we say around the office, “Grab bars save lives too!.” No matter the complexity or value of the individual project – the assistance our modifications provide makes a huge improvement in the day-to-day activities for each of our clients, their family, and network of care.

Incoming HBF President Devin Bundy says “It is incredible what we were able to accomplish this past year. The commitment of our volunteers and supporters was critical to the success of 2021. And I have talked to so many who have indicated they will do even more in 2022! It will be amazing to see how this all happens.”

Thanks to everyone who made our impact possible in 2021! We look forward to continuing our great work together in 2022!

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