Boise Cascade Supports HBF and Remains Steadfast Through Turbulence

Amid the uncertainty of the past year, one bright, consistent light continued to shine on HBF: our Annual Supporters. Annual Supporters provide, on a level basis, financial contributions used to support HBF projects. Committed annual funds allow HBF staff to forecast and prepare opportunities elevating lives for individuals and families with disabilities. Our friends at Boise Cascade, a 2021 Gold Level Supporter, combine their donation of valuable funds with their actions.

Steadfast Support

At Boise Cascade the employees embody the words on their website – “We bring people, products and services together to build strong homes, businesses and communities that stand the test of time. As a dedicated service partner, great products are only the beginning; our business is built on relationships.”

Especially during trying times, a very real benefit for Boise Cascade is staying true to their values. Even during the most unsettling times, they stayed true to their support of HBF and its mission. Dan Merciez, Boise Cascade Sales Manager says, “It would have been easy to take a year off, but it would also be very hard to live with that decision. Fortunately, the building industry performed well and we stayed engaged – even if we couldn’t attend any events or builds with HBF.  We stayed as close as we could given the pandemic.”

With financial contributions, countless volunteer hours, and in-kind donations, Boise Cascade continues building relationships. Dan continues, “HBF is our charitable organization of choice because of the clients HBF represents and the communities in which it operates. It is also our charity of choice because of the personnel that make up the HBF Staff, Board of Directors, Executive Board and volunteers. It is very rewarding to see so many people, oftentimes competitors of each other, come together to create something for a client. There is plenty of time to compete, but there is never enough time to ‘take the gloves off’ and just do something good for the community; HBF provides us that important outlet.”

What’s Next

Like many others in the industry, the team at Boise Cascade is looking forward to being at HBF events soon, especially Clubs for a Cause, where Boise Cascade has been the title sponsor since it started.

Your company may be in the process of budgeting for charitable support in the remainder of 2021 and into 2022. Won’t you consider becoming an HBF Annual Supporter? Doing so demonstrates your company’s commitment to lifting the spirit of those in need! Your company can share your unique talents to help HBF clients experience independence! Like Boise Cascade employees, your staff will appreciate HBF projects and the joy that comes from them. Your financial commitment ensures the littlest things many people take for granted can become reality. Can your company make the decision today to help elevate someone else’s life, giving them their independence back?

Make it a mission for your company to provide funds and materials that make a critical impact in the community. Find out about becoming an Annual Supporter and the levels involved, by contacting Lauren Knudsen.

Be sure to watch for our update next week and find out how others are making a difference with the Gold Level Annual Supporter status.

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