Infinity Home Collection never turns down the chance to work with HBF staff and clients

The mission and collective goals of those who are involved with Home Builders Foundation would not be possible without the on-going commitment of Annual Supporters like Infinity Home Collection. While there are many ways to get involved with HBF, from volunteering to financial support, Annual Supporters are so important because they allow our staff the ability to plan and forecast how best to serve our clients.

Infinity Home Collection is a privately-owned home builder located in Denver, Colorado. They build intelligently designed homes for new and experienced homebuyers alike. Rather than focusing solely on profits, they also focus on lifestyles. They feel it is important for all homebuyers to experience the independence and elevation found within the very outdoor-centric Colorado habitat. Their company philosophy from the top on down is why their Annual Support goes hand in hand with the HBF mission of elevating lives and building independence.

Infinity Home Collection has been involved with HBF for over 15 years. Quietly unassuming, the company’s employees have invested timeless hours volunteering as Project Captains and serving on HBF’s Board of Directors. They can be counted on to provide hands-on labor and on-site supervision to Blitz Build and other much needed projects.

Operations Manager, John Hovde recalls one of his first volunteer opportunities with HBF. “Our team spent the day building a ramp for a client in north Denver. Upon completion the homeowner was so happy to be able to spend time outdoors. I am honored to work for a company that allows me the time to be a part of something so huge for members of our communities. It is especially gratifying knowing that we also provide annual financial support.”

In addition to their Annual Supporter status and volunteer hours, Infinity Home Collection staff regularly attends many HBF events. From Clubs for a Cause (Sept. 14, 2020) to the Annual Celebration and Blitz Build there truly is something for everyone to enjoy while supporting HBF.

When asked why he continues to support HBF, Construction Manager, Mike Flanagan responded, “Taking what we do for a living every day and paying it forward allows me to use my skills to help someone out. I never turn down an opportunity to work with the HBF staff and clients.”

The HBF relies on a committed network of volunteers and suppliers, most of who are affiliated with the home building industry, to complete the work so there is no cost to the recipient. Many of these volunteers and suppliers donate time and materials; in turn, the HBF is able to leverage the funding used towards a project to be nearly ten times the retail value of the project!

The HBF would not be able to continue to provide services for our clients without the contributions of our Annual Supporters. Your organization can join Infinity Home Collection in elevating the lives of individuals who need it most! Find out how to become an Annual Supporter by contacting Lauren Knudsen.

Be sure to watch for our update next week and find out how other companies are making a difference with their Annual Supporter status.