As long as people need help remaining in their own home, PASCO will continue to partner with HBF

Each Friday HBF features a person/team here and our on social media. Personal Assistance Services of Colorado (PASCO) has been involved with Home Builders Foundation for many years. The services HBF provides dramatically helps the people and families we work with lead their best possible lives.

PASCO was built with the fundamental belief that healthcare professionals can only provide clients with exceptional service if they themselves are taken good care of. PASCO is dedicated to families and individuals with special needs. Beyond excellent care, they provide backup support, guidance, and resources to our clients and families. To this day, PASCO still advocates on behalf of their client families to empower independence and share access to programs and services that enrich lives and benefit communities.

PASCO’s entire history is founded on the independent living principle… that people belong in the community, wherever it is they call home. HBF does little and big things to ensure these same people can thrive and live up to their potentials, independently.

While taking part in numerous Blitz Builds, as a breakfast/lunch/coffee/soda deliverers, PASCO employees have seen firsthand how handy people with good intentions can significantly alter the trajectory of living successfully in the community with one well-done ramp.

Realizing a project that entails a few hours and a couple thousand dollars can make such a tremendous impact on a recipient’s life, it is easy to stand by HBF’s tagline of “Building Independence and Elevating Lives.” Whether its an accessible patio to allow for the enjoyment of Colorado’s beauty or a remodeled area for a younger spinal-cord injury…HBF delivers.

“I’ve always found the Home Builders Foundation a great resource and partner for families and clients looking for well-built home modifications. Their mission is very much in line with ours.” – Ryan Zeiger, PASCO Operating Chairman

A longtime innovator, PASCO has pioneered the paid family caregiver model, through tireless advocacy, and being a respected Community Partner. PASCO services embrace a personalized approach for individuals with special needs to achieve independence and realize their potential. PASCO provides long-term services and support in the home and in the community with a focus on family caregiving.

As long as people need resources and services to help them remain in the comfort of their own homes, PASCO will continue to partner with HBF!
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