For Ferguson, HBF Annual Support is the “Icing on the Cake”

The mission of HBF is one many can stand behind and support. It is all about giving back to someone in our community in more ways than one and providing a better quality of life for those who truly deserve it. HBF is a great organization that brings many people and companies together within the homebuilding industry to support people in our neighborhoods. For all those reasons and more, Ferguson is PROUD to be an Annual Supporter.

Ferguson has been involved with the HBF for 10 years. They love being able to use their products to help complete a bathroom or kitchen modification for a client. In addition to their Annual Supporter status, Ferguson employees attend and volunteer at as many events as possible. Overall, they truly find satisfaction in being a part of an organization that continues to give back to those truly in need.

Many of the HBF’s clients need or want modifications that will simply allow them to do the things that others take for granted, for instance going into their backyard with ease, safely getting out of their front door to go to church, taking a shower independently, the list goes on and on. Not only do the modifications that the HBF provide help those who have restrictions, but it also helps those who care for them. Home modifications give back independence and provide caregivers aid in ensuring that their loved ones have the safest, best care possible.

When asked why Ferguson continues to support HBF, Mackenzie Leatherman – Area Builder Sales Manager – replied, “It’s simple: the mission of the HBF continues to be our organization’s top priority. The HBF is well run and keeps the clients as their main focus – no question.”

Mackenzie had a very hard time recalling her most memorable experience with HBF. She ultimately chose a project completed for Nicole Fryer. Berkeley Homes remodeled their kitchen and bedroom to provide Nicole with more independence so she could finish college and keep chasing the dreams she had prior to her accident. Ferguson provided the appliances and installation for the new kitchen design. Being at her dedication and seeing the impact this had on Nicole and her family really reinforced why Ferguson is committed to being a part of the Home Builders Foundation.

The partnership with the HBF allows an avenue for Ferguson and their employees to give back to the community. Ferguson is PROUD to be a part of the building industry here in the Denver metro area, supporting the HBF is the icing on the cake.

There are many ways to get involved with HBF. Your organization can join Ferguson in elevating the lives of individuals who need it most! Find out how to become an Annual Supporter by contacting Lauren Knudsen.

Be sure to watch for our update next week and find out how your peers are making a difference with their Annual Supporter status.