Brian’s 3rd Anniversary with the HBF!

Three years ago today, Brian Johnson joined the HBF staff as our Program Director. He was no stranger to the HBF at that time; in fact, he had served as a Project Captain for HBF for the two years prior. Our crew is thankful for all that he brings to our community, but especially his leadership, expertise, and innovation.

Brian has been instrumental in taking HBF’s program to the next level, both with service to our clients and efficiencies behind the scenes. The growth we’ve seen, and impact we’ve had in the last 3 years is a direct reflection of Brian’s expertise and contributions to HBF and our community. We are so fortunate to have him on our crew!” – Beth Forbes, HBF Executive Director

In celebration of his 3 years we asked Brian a few questions to get inside look at some of his favorite projects and memories. Here is a quick rundown:

Top 3 projects (links to blog post included):

Favorite memories

  • The huge Raiders sticker Larry Malone put on Carson Covey’s Apartment Floor. Carson is a Broncos fan and Larry is a Raiders Fan.  Eventually after some good-hearted fun they replaced the sticker with a Broncos sticker!
  • At Nathan Hiltman’s dedication with over 20 people crying on his driveway when his remodel was revealed.

Brian also told us what he was most proud of in the last 3 years: “The way the HBF prioritizes applications and projects, and the increase in clients served. I still enjoy working for the HBF today as much as I did 3 years ago!  Thanks for the opportunity and I hope I have made an impact.”

Thank you, Brian! Happy anniversary!