Weyerhaeuser, Willing to Engage and Motivate Others to Join This Terrific Cause

The Home Builders Foundation brings together people and organizations willing to demonstrate the best of what the building industry is capable of accomplishing in our communities. Weyerhaeuser generously supports HBF in many ways, including Board leadership, countless volunteer hours and providing financial resources as a Platinum Level Annual Supporter.

Weyerhaeuser believes forests are the most sustainable and versatile resource on earth and for over 100 years they’ve been managing them to ensure they last forever. They have been developing new building products and solutions that improve the performance and safety of neighborhood homes. They are deeply connected to the communities they serve and have provided more than $220 million in grants through their formal giving program. Weyerhaeuser has been an active sponsor and supporter of the HBF for years and plans to be for many more to come.

The opportunity to serve those in need by building independence and elevating lives make HBF truly unique.  After returning to Colorado, one of the first charitable events Kevin Seward, Area General Manager, attended was Pucks for Possibilities. There, Kevin had the opportunity to meet Beth and felt the energy and passion she has for leading this amazing organization.  He had the opportunity to witness how dynamic the HBF is and the vital need it serves in this community.

Kevin is passionate about the caring people serving the Home Building Industry. Due to his willingness to engage and motivate others to support this terrific cause, he was invited to join the Board. Through this position Kevin has had “the opportunity to witness first-hand how dynamic this team of dedicated volunteers is and the vital need HBF serves in helping those less fortunate. Most importantly, nothing makes me happier than to work with a dedicated team to make a difference in another’s life.”

Weyerhaeuser knows building products distribution. They provide premier products and the innovative solutions needed to build better homes. With thousands of in-stock products ready to ship, count on Weyerhaeuser Distribution to deliver what you need, on time, with a solid handshake. They also know and live giving back to the communities and neighbors they service.

Your organization can join Weyerhaeuser and HBF elevating the lives of individuals who need it most! Find out how to become an Annual Supporter by contacting Lauren Knudsen.

Be sure to watch for our update next week and find out how Ferguson is making a difference with their Annual Supporter status.