Craig Hospital Proud and Honored to Support HBF

The Home Builders Foundation brings together people and organizations willing to demonstrate the best of what the building industry is capable of accomplishing in our communities. Craig Hospital partners with HBF in many ways, historically as a referral source to HBF. And now as a financial Gold Level Annual Supporter and one of our Official Community Partners.

Craig Hospital is a nationally recognized rehabilitation hospital specializing in spinal cord and brain injuries. Given the nature of their patient’s injuries/disability the partnership with HBF is so important to those they serve.

As a Clinical Care Manager at Craig Hospital for more than 30 years, Niki Abeyta shares, ““I have been involved as a professional in the rehabilitation field since 1997. A patient of mine (who had been shot coming to another’s aid) was a recipient of the HBF. A few years later both organizations worked together to help victims of the shooting at Columbine. I am always amazed as I walk into my patients’ newly remodeled accessible homes– thanks to the HBF”.

Niki continues, “In recent years I have had the privilege to serve as a volunteer and board member. The HBF’s mission is woven into what Craig stands for. I am proud and honored to be a part of HBF, and love seeing Craig and HBF collaborate together regularly.”

Craig Hospital and HBF strive every day to achieve similar goals. For a patient to move forward, accessibility is a must. Every year the HBF enables many patients to translate the skills they’ve learned into their everyday life. Thanks to the accessibility provided by the HBF, clients’ home environments are transformed into the sanctuary they are intended to be. Craig Hospital routinely collaborates with HBF to provide no cost home modifications for their patients. Because of the generosity of our Annual Supporters, assistance is not limited to Craig Hospital patients. To begin the process of “elevating” someone’s life, start an application at

Your organization can join Craig Hospital and HBF elevating the lives of individuals who need it most! Find out how to become an Annual Supporter by contacting Lauren Knudsen.

Be sure to watch for our update next week and find out how other Annual Supporters are making a difference.