Collaboration Between Thrive Home Builders and Trades Results in a $103,000 Contribution to the HBF

On Friday, January 17th, a large group of individuals cheered as Thrive Home Builders CEO, Gene Myers, and Beth Forbes, the executive director of the Home Builders Foundation, grasped the handles of a large pair of scissors and snipped a ribbon adorning the front of a new town-home in Stapleton’s North End Rows. As part of the ribbon cutting ceremony, Myers also presented Forbes with a $103,000 check made out to the HBF, a nonprofit that performs home modifications that enable individuals with disabilities and their families to live more independent, elevated lives.

The home, located at 5668 Galena Street, was the first Inspiration House project of the new decade. Originally started in 2003, the Inspiration House is a fundraising initiative where a Denver home builder and its trade base collaborate to raise funds through the sale of a newly constructed home. The program begins with a partnering home builder who selects the home project and then works with its trade base to discount and/or donate services and materials to significantly reduce the cost of the home build. Proceeds from the sale of the completed home are then donated to HBF. Between 2003 and 2007, multiple Inspiration House projects raised more than $500,000 for HBF. The Inspiration House campaign was then halted due to the statewide construction and economic downturn, but has returned this year.

According to Myers, the rebirth of the Inspiration House came about based on input from some of Thrive’s trade partners. “Our trade partners embrace the work of the Home Builders Foundation and really wanted to be part of making a difference for those living with long-term disabilities,” Myers said. “They knew that we’d sponsored an Inspiration House in the early 2000s and asked if we’d lead the charge again.” As soon as Thrive announced this year’s Inspiration House, 15 trade partners volunteered to help. Kurt Winfield, sales manager at Front Range Windows & Door, which was one of the volunteering trade partners, urged his colleagues to participate in future Inspiration House projects.

“There’s a feeling of camaraderie and teamwork when you’re involved in a project that benefits someone else that’s hard to beat. It’s humbling, inspiring and rewarding,” stated Winfield.

The new homeowner, who had just completed a walk-through earlier in the morning, attended the ribbon cutting ceremony and was thrilled to learn about the role that her home played in helping others. The three-bedroom, tri-story town-home features 10-foot ceilings, a spacious great room and kitchen and views of the front range from the master suite and balcony. It is rated Zero Energy Ready and LEED certified.

Forbes shared with the crowd the huge impact the donation made possible by the Inspiration House would have for the HBF, noting that the demand for home modifications – which are provided by the nonprofit to clients free of charge – continues to increase. Since 1993, HBF has completed 1,800 modifications, 279 of which were done in 2019 and even more requests are expected this year. Forbes thanked everyone who participated for, “Enabling us to help even more people live independently in their homes by providing greater access, reinforcing safety and equipping recipients with the ability to tackle everyday tasks.”

The 15 trade partners who joined Thrive Home Builders and donated time and services to complete the Inspiration House include:

  • 4M Connection
  • Arlun, Incorporated
  • Artistic Caulking Inc.
  • Cowboy Stucco
  • EnergyLogic, Inc.
  • Front Range Windows and Door, Inc.
  • G&C Construction Inc.
  • Jeffrey Cohen dba Quality Wood Repair
  • Lou’s Premium Painting, LLC
  • Pure Green Landscaping LLC.
  • Sitewise, LLC
  • South Valley Drywall, Inc.
  • Specialty Appliance, Inc
  • Steel T Heating, Inc.
  • Van Dyk Construction

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