Linda the “Brownie and Chocolate Chip Cookie Lady”

Linda is not one to ask for help and has always, and continues to, give back to her community. In 1989, when she initially became paralyzed in a running accident that left her a paraplegic, Linda was determined not to let anything slow her down. Linda and her children regularly volunteered with the disabled ski school, helped deliver food to different shelters and remained active members of their church. In addition, Linda would support charitable causes by racing 5ks to marathons in her wheelchair.

“I can still do anything everyone else does. I just do it in a different way. Life in a chair is never dull. I never wanted anything to get in the way of the blessings of life, and to always give back to others by making a difference in their day.”

Often called the Brownie and Chocolate Chip Cookie Lady, Linda uses her baking and cooking skills to give back and brighten the days of others – happily calling her delivery technique “meals on wheels.” In 2010, a mono skiing accident and complications from the surgery that followed, led to a stroke that stroke affected Linda’s speech. Even with this new challenge, Linda remained committed so serving others.

“I can truly say (no pun!) that I’m incredibly blessed by amazing kids and terrific friends. The best part is I’ve still been able to cook daily, help others, and get the joy of being able to brighten someone’s day with a smile and a pan of brownies.”

This was the case, until November 7, 2015 when a wheel of Linda’s chair came off during a race. The accident left the left side of her body without movement or feeling.

“Needless to say, I am very thankful for one arm to still work!  I try my best to keep the physical and occupational therapists laughing, asking if they would let me still race on Saturdays, deliver food or most importantly help me figure out a way to bake for everyone here at rehab!”

The HBF partnered with the Construction Industry Networking Group to provide these Linda with two ramps, a barrier free bathroom, hard flooring, widened doors and, of course, a newly accessible kitchen. This unusually comprehensive project has a value of nearly $100,000; however, thanks to in-kind and cash support efforts from C.I.N.G. and many of HBF partners, the HBF was able to approve all portions of this project for a fraction of the cost.

“Thank you truly doesn’t even begin to tell you how incredibly grateful I am for your support and willingness to help.  I only hope and pray that you realize how much you are making a gigantic difference in my life.”