Use your tax refund to support the HBF

ReFUND CO is an easy way to support the mission of the HBF. This year, Coloradans who receive a state income tax refund will have a chance to donate all or some of it to a local nonprofit they trust like the HBF. Imagine if state taxpayers chose to donate just a portion of their refunds; this outpouring of support would re-energize local community causes across Colorado and make a massive positive impact on our state.

Whether you do your taxes yourself or use a tax preparer, provides simple instructions for how to make sure your refund donation goes to your chosen nonprofit. Here are a few FAQ:

Do you expect a state income tax refund?

Now you can give some or all of it to the HBF; it’s simple and fast! This is an easy way for taxpayers to make a voluntary contribution to support the work of the HBF when filing their individual state income taxes. How do you participate?

To contribute, simply include HBF’s Registration number 20053000426 and you decide how much of your refund you want to donate to HBF! You must write in three items to make the donation:

1. the nonprofit’s name: Home Builders Foundation of Metro Denver

2. the nonprofit’s complete Secretary of State Charitable Solicitations Act registration number: 20053000426

3. the amount of the donation: $___

Can you split your refund between more than one nonprofit?

You can only choose one nonprofit to write in for Donate to a Colorado Nonprofit Fund.

Do you have to give away my entire refund amount?

No, you may donate as much or as little of their refund as you wish.

Will the you receive a thank you or acknowledgment from the nonprofit of their choice?

Individual taxpayer information is confidential and the Department of Revenue cannot send the names of taxpayers to nonprofits under current law. Therefore, the HBF will not know you are a donor and will not send a specific thank you. But we would love to know if you donated, so please let us know!

How will your donations be used?

Your donation will be used to enhance the quality of life for our recipients and help them remain in their own home with dignity and independence. All HBF projects are completed by the HBF’s committed pool of skilled and unskilled volunteers and valued contract partners who can often complete our home modification projects at a significantly discounted rate. Because of these many contributing factors all projects are free to our recipients due to the generosity of donors like you!

Why is this important?

The need for accessibility solutions in our Denver community is growing rapidly. The HBF has seen an increase in assistance request increase by 20% in the last year alone, and we don’t anticipate that to slow down. With the increase cost of goods and shortage in the labor market, the need for donations is ever present to be able to complete as many projects as there are assistance requests. We are embarking upon a plan to increase the number of clients served and work items by 25%, as our waitlist continues to grow. Simply put, we have the opportunity and desire to make life-changing modifications possible for even more recipients in 2020, and need your help.