Tammy V.

Tammy V. is a woman from Aurora with MS. She applied with the HBF when she was still in the hospital, discharging 10/25/14. The City of Aurora completed a bathroom remodel for her, but it was upstairs and she had no way of accessing the remodeled bathroom or her bedroom. This project was a total team effort with funds from the National Fair Housing Alliance, the National MS Society, and the Pinehurst Sanger Foundation. Accessible Systems was the project captain, and the retail value of the remodel was $13,000+


We can’t thank you enough for all you are doing. Stair Lift is complete and works great. Tammy and I very Grateful for everything that the Accessible Systems team has done for us. We definitely give you guys and awesome recommendation. THANK YOU,YOU ARE ALL ROCK STARS” – Gary V., husband of Tammy V.