Robin C.

Robin has a degenerative disease called Metachromatic Leukodysphrophy (MLD) that attacks the nervous system. Because of the disease, Robin is confined to a wheelchair and needs assistance with all activities of daily living. To make these activities more manageable for Robin and her caretakers, the HBF installed a ceiling lift and widened doorways.

“The lift has been wonderful! I don’t know how we ever managed without it! Our morning routine to get ready takes about 3 hours, with the ceiling lift in the bedroom, we save at least a 1/2 hour. Things like this are such a huge blessing for us. Thank you so much for your part in pulling it all together!” – Carol, mother of recipient

A special thanks to all involved in making this project possible – Infinity Home Collection (hallway widening), RMG Engineers (structural engineering), VanDyk Construction (framing), Sanger Foundation (funding), Friends of Man (funding), DMFHC (funding) and DR Horton (funding).