Lexi M.

Alexis (Lexi) M. suffered a spinal cord injury caused by a motorcycle accident in Sept. 2017. She endured four months at Craig Hospital. Through all the changes Lexi experienced, her husband Shannon stayed close by her side. Upon her discharge the couple realized their 2-story home would need extensive renovations to allow Lexi the independence to live in their home. Fortunately, through a Gold Leaf social worker, the pair was introduced to HBF.

Together our many supporters completed a 650 square foot addition to the home, renovated and widened doorways, added a lift system that spans Lexi’s bedroom, living area and into her main bath, and replaced carpet with solid surfaces. We also added a deck and ramp so Lexi and Shannon can still enjoy their outdoor spaces. This project embodies the true spirit of HBF. Perseverance, patience, and the will to do whatever it takes to elevate the lives of neighbors in need.