Broomfield Community Foundation helps complete an HBF project

Chris S. was in a severe motorcycle accident in the summer of 2022. He broke both shoulder blades, multiple ribs, punctured lung, fractured his neck. As a result of this accident and the injuries he sustained he is now paralyzed from the belly button down. Chris’s was in the hospital for 59 days before coming home, Chris’s family applied to HBF for assistance with receiving a stairlift to be installed inside their home.

The family had told us that the stair lift would help Chris to be able to move freely around the house and he wouldn’t have to rely on someone to help him every time he wants to go upstairs or outside.

 Through the support of Broomfield Community Foundation, HBF was able to install a stairlift inside Chris’s house. Chris’s wife told us “The stairlift has been so helpful, Chris can now get out of the car and into the house and downstairs completely independently. This was never even possible before.”

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