Dedication for Hafeez A’s Project Resembles a Family Reunion!

One evening in late April 2022, members of HBF’s staff joined volunteers and supporters for a Project Dedication at the home of Hafeez A. The attendees of this Dedication were treated to traditional Burmese dishes. And the family warmly welcomed our crew into their home.

Hafeez A. is a 13-year-old boy living with cerebral palsy. While Hafeez is not cognitively challenged, he has numerous physical limitations that impact his movement and ability to control his motor functions. Luckily, his family’s home is a ranch-style, but there were many modifications that could make him more independent.

The original application requested the widening of bathroom and bedroom doors to allow wheelchair access. And installation of ramps for the front door, garage door, and a single step in home and back door. HBF Advocate Damian Rosenburg and HBF Program Director Brian Johnson recommended the application be approved. The requested work was completed to the family’s delight. And the relationship between HBF and Hafeez’s family was cemented.

The team and family then worked together to identify challenges Hafeez encountered daily and devised solutions. The solutions included a full bathroom remodel, widening of the sidewalk for access to the rear yard, and a ramp into the home. The work completed by HBF and our supporters vastly improved the quality of Hafeez’s life and increased his independence.

A Special Bond

One unique aspect of Hafeez’s project is the relationship he formed as the bathroom remodel was underway. Eric S. from Aloha Builders and his team involved Hafeez in the product selection and allowed him to help, as safety permitted, throughout the project. The family was so appreciative. They frequently provided meals and fellowship to each crew member involved with the work in their home.

“Yes, I picked out the floor tile. The bathroom is my favorite, the whole thing!”  – Hafeez A.

The April Dedication resembled a family get-together, or a gathering of close friends. This project impacts the family daily. And will live in the hearts of the HBF crew for many years to come.

Many thanks to the amazing contractors who worked together to complete ramps, grab bars and rails, a complete bathroom remodel, widened a sidewalk to the rear yard and so much more for Hafeez and his family. Including PorMor Construction, Aloha Builders, JK Roofing, and the very talented HBF Construction Technicians, Steve and Mike.

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