Seasoned Veteran Mike Sheppard Joins HBF Crew!

Like so many in our industry, Michael (Mike) Sheppard was slowly indoctrinated into HBF by a former colleague. For several years, Mike work with our own Steve M. When Steve joined HBF last year, he began reaching out to Mike about helping with some bathroom remodeling projects. He was working independently at the time; luckily Mike had a break in his schedule and decided it would be a great time to reconnect with Steve on an HBF project.

At his introduction, Mike was so impressed with the professionalism and quality of the modifications HBF provided. He felt good working with Steve again and found HBF Project Director Brian to both “welcoming and supportive”. He loved interacting with our clients and was overwhelming satisfied with HBF’s processes start to finish. When an additional Lead Technician position opened with HBF, Mike knew he was ready to settle into a more structured environment. He accepted the position and was able to hit the ground running.

More About Mike

Mike brings plenty of construction experience to HBF. He began tinkering early, using scraps he collected at construction site near his home. He didn’t know about gloves at the time and experienced many splinters, which is how he describes, “working with wood, just got into my blood”. Mike and his family moved often in his early years, finally settling in Colorado when he was in the 6th grade. In high school, Mike took several trade classes. Afterward he served with the US Marines, where he took college courses (through VHS)! After his service ended, he began working for a framer. He also worked for a couple of remodeling companies and did a two-year stretch in warranty. It is during his time in warranty where he says he gained so much knowledge about how to build a home.

Mike has been with his wife Kathy,  for over 27 years! They have two children and several grandchildren. One of his most favorite pastimes is spending time with his family. After many years affirming his dedication, Mike and his wife were “officially” married in the Catholic church on Sunday, March 20, 2022! Now he gets to celebrate two anniversaries each year.

As he settles into this new chapter in his life, please join us in welcoming Mike to the HBF staff. Where he can provide valuable experience and expertise in many areas of home modifications. We, and our clients are happy to have you Mike!

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