Pucks Player Profile – Meet Mike Davinroy

Pucks for possibilities logoFor the first time in two years! Pucks for Possibilities, presented by Builders FirstSource, returns to the Ball Arena ice on Tuesday, March 1st.  Ticket sales will close tomorrow, February 15th.

Today we introduce you to Mike Davinroy, Director of Production from KGA Studio Architects. And just for fun, we will share with you some new slang to use at the game.

Mike started playing ice hockey when he was 13 and played checking hockey through high school. One of his favorite memories is coming out to play in front of an audience of 5K, for his high-school championship game. Mike recalls the intense sound, and will never forget the electricity of the fans and the zomboni’s, at the old St. Louis Arena.

Mike continued to play juniors in the St. Louis area until he was 19. Then he took a 20-year break from hockey to raise kids. But for the past 20-years he’s been playing again in an adult league. Currently he plays defense, but in his glory days, Mike played left wing.

Mike is lucky to have two amazing hockey stories. His profile picture shows him at the ring induction ceremony in Toronto, when the Blues won the Cup. He was fortunate to get an invite to the private press event with his wife, brother & sister-in-law. All the Blues players, coaching staff, and ownership were there as well. What a cool day! A day that will probably be very similar in “coolness” to Pucks for Possibilities.

In the weeks leading up to the game, we will help you get ready for the game by sharing player profiles and fun game facts, including hockey slang like this:

  • Checking: refers to any defensive techniques aimed at separating the puck from an offensive player who is currently in possession
  • The Cup: the Stanley Cup, the championship trophy awarded annually to the National Hockey League (NHL) playoff champion
  • Ice Hockey: what Americans call hockey
  • Wing: a forward position of a player whose primary zone of play on the ice is along the outer playing area. They typically work by flanking the centre forward. Originally the name was given to forward players who went up and down the sides of the rink.
  • Zomboni: a some-time hockey fan, who joins the mob-mentality and is set on creating a zombie riot outside the stadium of a championship game.

Come out and join your friends like Mike, at Pucks for Possibilities, an exhibition hockey game where members of HBF’s community will face off on the ice, followed by a cocktail reception and Colorado Avalanche game.

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