Brookfield Residential is “Perfect Fit” with HBF

Annual Supporters help make HBF’s goal of helping community members in need become a reality. Brookfield Residential believes “community” is more than a collection of buildings. They truly believe in going the extra mile! Brookfield’s Silver Level Annual Sponsorship is only the beginning of the company’s commitment. Their employees are well represented at events and can be counted on to volunteer for projects like Blitz Build. And their favorite, biggest project happening this year is the partnership for 2021 Inspiration House.

The folks at Brookfield Residential pride themselves in their ability to create “the best places to call home.” And when construction is done, they pride themselves in their ongoing connection to the community. All this makes Brookfield Residential a perfect fit for their partnership with Home Builders Foundation.

Brookfield Residential of Colorado, a division of Brookfield Residential Properties Inc. has the passion, the expertise and the local knowledge to craft homes and neighborhoods that speak to homebuyers at every stage of life. They are an award-winning industry leader with an exceptional reputation for quality, design, and customer service. They build in communities throughout Colorado.

Benefits of Supporting HBF

When asked, “How did Supporting HBF through COVID benefit Brookfield and your employees?” Colorado President, Jeff McGovern replied, “Part of supporting HBF, regardless of the situation, is just what Brookfield does. As far as supporting HBF during a time like COVID, I think it forced us to realize that there is always a greater need and that we’re in a fortunate position to be able to help others.”

The people at Brookfield know that as new home builders, they are in a fortunate position. They believe that part of building communities is extending a hand to their neighbors. The company is blessed to work with trade partners and vendors who are generous beyond measure—which is a great compliment to their continued support. Jeff concludes, “It is an honor to be asked to do what we do—build homes for people—while also benefitting HBF and all the great work they do.”

There are many ways to get involved with HBF. Your organization can join Brookfield Residential in elevating the lives of individuals who need it most! Find out how to become an Annual Supporter by contacting Lauren Knudsen.

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