First Clays to Elevate Lives Exceeds Expectations

In a typical year, HBF hosts four fundraising events, including Pucks for Possibilities. This year, based on ever changing regulations, the decision was made to forgo this popular event.

Event organizers worked closely with foundation supporters, knowing the pandemic would not slow the need for home modifications. The goal was to plan an epic event that would help meet annual budget targets. Clays to Elevate Lives was added to the 2021 line up of events, as this type of event tends to attract industry professionals.

About the Day

HBF hosted the first Clays to Elevate Lives, sponsored by Builders FirstSource on May 20th at Kiowa Creek Sporting Club in eastern Colorado. The day began with “Flipping Flapjacks” pancake breakfast, followed by volunteer training and a safety briefing. Shooting began at 9am. Teams shot 3 – 4 clay pairs at 13 stations. The atmosphere was loud, and jovial. For participants this was the first large scale gathering many had attended in over a year. The outside venue and space between stations allowed for shooters to enjoy the morning while adhering to social distancing protocols.

Thanks to volunteer support, the event moved quickly and attendees headed back to the club’s pavilion for an outdoor lunch around noon. Three notable things happened at the luncheon. HBF Board Members Jim Iversen and Devin Bundy thanked participants. They encouraged each person to remember the mission of HBF and to find ways to increase their involvement in 2021, noting that together we can really make things happen!

Number two – Colorado Concrete claimed the title, and a couple of smooth prizes, for most clays hit. It cannot be confirmed, but some competitors (whiners??) claimed a sharpshooter was embedded on their team. That was never substantiated. One fact everyone can agree on, it was impressive to see clays shattering when the Colorado Concrete team stepped into the blinds.

Number three – Jeff Pagano was the lucky winner of the raffle, which included a Traeger Grill and YETI duffel filled with “refreshments”. Rumor has it, right now Jeff is busy planning a backyard event with his new gear. There was more than one groan of disappointment when the winning number was called. Every ticket holder hoped to hear their number.

The Bottom Line

Final figures confirm, Clays to Elevate Lives revenue exceeded the budget goals. The spectacular day combined great weather, awesome volunteers, incredible sponsors and amazingly accurate shooters. Another rumor to pass along – as was suggested many times over – perhaps this event will be repeated in the future. Time will tell what the future holds.

What is not a rumor, is the commitment of HBF to increase independence for our neighbors living with disabilities. With your help we can continue to surpass our fundraising goals, just like we did at Clays to Elevate Lives. Check out our events page to find an event tailor made for you.

Click here for pictures from the event.