Walter’s 303 Pizza, Making a Difference One Slice at a Time

Walter’s 303 motto is Never Dull, Always Funky! And now officially recognized by HBF as totally awesome. The Owner and Founders of Walter’s 303 Pizza recently announced their commitment to provide a portion of their quarterly profit to HBF!

Once upon a time, the folks at Walter’s 303 decided that the best way to feel good about their prosperity was to pass it on. They decided their future would hold a special philanthropic goal, to give back to a special cause each year. “Giving back to the communities’ in which we are located has always been part of the mission. By implementing a quarterly strategy we are able to expand our support and that feels really good to us” – Walter’s Founder

This year, each quarter, HBF will be the recipient of a donation to support our mission to build independence. Which means that you can actively support HBF, by enjoying a slice (or two) with your family and friends.

One pizza reviewer said, “Listen up, this place is legit!” And legit it is. Legitimately an active supporter of HBF. Walter’s 303 has several locations across Colorado. They bring their Never Dull, Always Funky vibe to city folk and suburban settlers alike. No matter where you are located, could supporting HBF get any easier, or more delicious?

If you would like to explore different ways to support HBF, like Walter’s 303, contact Lauren Knudsen.

Huge thank you to Walter’s 303 for honoring HBF with this wonderful gift this year.