HBF Welcomes a New Project Captain, Renew R Home

It is always an exciting time when HBF has an opportunity to introduce new Project Captains. Today we ask you to join us in welcoming Renew R Home.

Many years ago, Melissa Vitry was starting new business. She stayed inspired by a friend who was simultaneously working her way through nursing school. Both women were encouraged by each other’s journey and their aspirations to give back to their communities.

Fast forward about five years. Her friend is a nurse and Melissa has built a successful business, Renew R Home. Along the way she has acquired an awesome business partner Sal Vega. Early on, the two ingrained Melissa’s quest to give back into the company philosophy.

Renew R Home was founded to provide homeowners in the Denver Metro area with a truly tailored window and door replacement experience. Renew R Home helps homeowners improve the energy efficiency, aesthetics and indoor/outdoor living experiences. They help homeowners work with their designers, builders, and manufacturers in the places that mean the most, their homes.

Supporting HBF

Melissa and Sal used a slow period to circle back to her early ambition. They concentrated on giving back by actively doing something for others in local communities.  They began to seek out recommendations as to people or organizations they could help.  Soon, they connected with HBF!

While Renew R Home is relatively new to HBF, Melissa says “We are so grateful for the opportunity to serve others in a field we are good at.  We are humbled that a seed that was planted so many years ago has had the opportunity to come to fruition.  Our hope is that we impact and bless people’s lives for the better, not just in the slow season, but all year round.”

Renew R Home started helping with HBF’s mission to elevate lives and increase independence on a project for David R. Please read more about David’s home modifications in this months eNews.

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