Traditions, Rooted in Caring, Guide Rio Grande Co’s Support of HBF

The mission and accomplishments of HBF would not be possible without the invaluable contributions of our Annual Supporters. Watch the weekly blog as we recognize each of our Annual Supporters. The continued collaboration with these companies is the heartbeat of HBF.

Please join us in extending a heartfelt thank you to Rio Grande Co.

Rio Grande Co. supplies Denver and the Rocky Mountain region many essential construction materials including mortar materials, cements, sand and gravel, concrete accessories, structural steel, rebar, fireplaces, hardware, and stone.

Through HBF, Rio Grande Co. supplies clients with countless volunteer hours, supplies and capital, resources critical for project completion. Rio Grande Co. has a long rich history of helping in the community. Even during the recent pandemic, they were able to continue to do this, which clients appreciate and their employees love.

To Rio Grande Co. traditions are important and when “you are 128 years old, traditions are the foundation of a company. I think it’s important for our employees to know that even when things are tough, there are always others with greater need.” Rio Grande Co.’s  ability to continue to support HBF this past year cemented that. – Jim Iversen

Standing By What Is Important

The recently completed Nicole G. project was special to Iversen and to the company. The first site visit was completed back in 2019.  Finding the Project Captain took some time and once they did, COVID hit and slowed the process down.  The project is finally completed and now they have the bathroom in their basement that they have been dreaming of.

Offering support to HBF and hope to HBF clients is just one example of the solid traditions that make Rio Grande Co. a special place indeed, one we are proud to have as a Diamond Annual Supporter. Thank you, Rio Grande Co.

How You Can Help Support HBF!

Find out what being a Diamond Level Annual Supporter is all about by contacting Lauren Knudsen.

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