Volunteers are Key to the Foundation

Are you passionate about building independence for people with disabilities? You don’t have to be a builder to make a big impact at HBF. HBF’s success is built on the foundation of volunteers from building suppliers to custom home builders. But you don’t have to be an industry expert or even in the construction industry to volunteer at HBF. Volunteer opportunities abound at HBF, from painting a recently modified bathroom to a site visit client advocate (we train you!). Have friends or co-workers that want to serve together? You can build a ramp- no skills necessary – we provide a Project Captain and tools, if needed. And this is just a sampling of ways to work alongside HBF. Please take part in our volunteer survey so we can connect you with opportunities and help us build independence in our community.

Here are just a few reasons to volunteer with HBF:

You can ease the stress of your life. Each day we are bombarded with overwhelming news and circumstances that can be unsettling. Setting aside a couple hours of your time to volunteer is a way of doing something to make the world a better place. Even the smallest gestures not only can make a huge difference in the life of someone else, studies show volunteers are happier and live longer.

You have a personal tie to the cause. HBF was first organized by a group of homebuilders and others who make a living within the industry. You and your family may enjoy the fruits of the industry. Alternately you, or someone you know, may have personal experience living with a disability. Whatever the case, you may be seeking a way to show gratitude and make an impact in your neighborhood.

Volunteering sets a good example. Lots of folks “talk the talk”. History tells us very few actually make the time and effort to “walk the walk”. By volunteering with HBF, you inspire others to get involved to make a positive change for people living with disabilities.

You meet like-minded, hardworking and super great people. Forget networking traditional ways. How someone chooses to spend their time is a true reflection of their values and priorities. While involved with HBF, you may find yourself connecting with other volunteers and clients. Supporting HBF is a great way to widen your circle and meet new friends and business associates.

Take time this year to reflect on who you are and who you want to be. Join us in 2021 by becoming a volunteer!