HBF Celebrates Alice on her 2-Year Work Anniversary

There is no doubt Alice, HBF Administrative Manager, has made her presence at HBF an invaluable one. Each day for the past 2 years, Alice commits herself to upholding HBF’s mission. For all you do, Alice, we appreciate you!   

During a recent virtual sit down with Alice some fun facts came about. Who knew, there is such thing as a 32K piece puzzle?! One has to wonder, just how big a table is needed to complete this challenge? Thanks Alice, for sharing a bit about your life.   

How did you come to work for the HBF? ​ 

After several years working with nonprofit databases, I was looking for a nonprofit role with more variety and a mission I could get behind. Lucky for me, Lauren, whom I had worked with the past 2 years found HBF and recruited me.

Favorite past time?  

I love jigsaw puzzles (I once completed a 32,000 piece puzzle), but this time of year I mostly enjoy watching the Mississippi State women’s basketball team #HailState! 

What is your favorite HBF memory? ​ 

That is tough – my first Pucks event was amazing. I was completely overwhelmed with the ticket sales, but seeing the camaraderie at the event and the support and recognition board members gave the staff was refreshing.  Another top memory would be attending the dedication of a remodel for a young boy, Hatim.  The family, extended family, and neighbors all attended to show their appreciation. They had cooked a large spread of great food. In addition, so many of the project team members were there to celebrate and it was obvious they had connected with the family. They had even put a few special touches on the boy’s room, like artwork of his favorite soccer player.  It was a great reminder of how what we do feeds the soul of the client and the builder. 

What is the first thing you plan to do once pandemic restrictions are lifted….or what have you missed due to the pandemic? 

I love to travel. My youngest left for college in August so this was supposed to be a time my husband and I were free to travel. We want to travel to Germany or the Galapagos. But we will probably start with a simple trip to Austin, since we had that planned right before the pandemic started. 

A good thing that has come from the pandemic? 

In the spring & summer our son was home from college so I’m glad we had the extra time with him. We even had time for a week-long rafting trip in Utah with our family. And my husband and I started hiking again in the early fall. Without so many other commitments we have enjoyed the outdoors again. 

Do you have a mantra? If so, care to share?  

What you do speaks so loudly – I can’t hear what you’re saying.

Anything else you would like to share?  

 I am blessed to be on such a great team. HBF staff, board, and volunteers all make my job something I enjoy.

HBF staff, clients, volunteers and supporters would like to thank you, Alice, for 2 years of dedicated service to Home Builders Foundation. Our crew just wouldn’t be the same without you!