HBF Recipient, Steve: In the News

Recently the story of HBF recipient, Steve, was featured on 9 news. Thanks to our amazing partners Mike James for building the ramp and Builders FirstSource for supplying all the materials, Steve and his family are able to successful navigate entering and exiting their home safely!

Brian from HBF’s Project Fulfillment Committee volunteered to be Steve’s advocate during the process and had this to say about the Martin family:

“Visiting Steve’s house, you can feel the warmth in the people that have made it a home. There are pictures on the walls and on the tables of his wife, Chisa, and two children, Daniel and Liana. Steve is warm and friendly with a quick smile and even quicker wit. He loves his job, teaching at Prairie Crossing Elementary in Parker, and spent months working as many hours of the day as he could.  He recently decided to retire to concentrate on what he can do in therapy to improve his, and his families, remaining time together. Supported by his family and his faith, Steve is an example to his community and HBF is happy to have provided a small amount of that support.” 

Here is the link to the full story on 9 News.