14-year-old Parker Resident Receives Home Makeover Thanks to HBF and Partners

The Home Builders Foundation (HBF) recently partnered with Lennar Homes to remodel the home of Nathan H., a 14-year-old Parker resident living with Juvenile Batten Disease. Batten Disease is a rare degenerative neurological disorder that leads to progressive cognitive impairment, blindness, seizures, loss of motor skills and the ability to walk. Five years after his initial diagnosis, Nathan is now confined to a wheelchair outside of his family’s home and can only walk slow, short distances inside of his family’s home.

The biggest challenge and worry for the family was the fact that Nathan’s bedroom was located on the second floor. Despite their best efforts to purchase and use assistive safety equipment the past few years, as Nathan’s disease progressed, his needs and his family’s worries increased. The family’s main goal was clear: modify their family home for Nathan to be safe and allow the family to provide the best care for Nathan now and in the future.

During that time, Lennar Homes approached the family and told them about the Home Builders Foundation, a metro-Denver based nonprofit that modifies homes to make them accessible so that individuals living with a disability can live safe, independent lives once again. After receiving Nathan’s request for assistance, the HBF and Lennar visited the home to assess the project and together agreed to champion the project.

Patrick Hanley, Customer Care Manager with Lennar Homes, oversaw the project, which included a major remodel to add Nathan’s bedroom and an accessible bathroom to the main floor. Patrick says: “I absolutely love getting to help people, and Lennar gives us the opportunity to tap into our trade group and partner with them to do good throughout the communities we build in. Nathan’s project is larger than most, but is especially rewarding because I have seen the daily routine he and his parents go through so he can live his life as normal as possible. The addition of the bedroom and bathroom will be a huge part to making ‘normal’ possible again”.

The total value of the project is nearly valued at $35,000. Thanks to HBF, Lennar Colorado and the many partners and supporters who helped, Nathan and his family received these modifications at no cost. With the modifications complete, Nathan’s family will now have a safe place for Nathan to live more independently and the family can continue to focus on his wellness journey.

Jay, Nathan’s father says “We are so thankful for HBF, Lennar and all of the volunteers because now we have a safe wheelchair accessible bedroom and bathroom on the main level. Our family will sleep a little more peacefully knowing our home will be a safe place for Nathan and will help our ability to care for him while we battle this disease.”