Natasha Needs a Lift, and We Need Your Help!

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Meet Natasha: Natasha is a sweet, loving woman with Down Syndrome who lives with her caring parents Willy and Jacci. Natasha loves to color, watch movies, and play games with her parents. Her favorite movies include Snow White and Shrek, and she loves to color pictures of princesses! After having open heart surgery, Natasha developed hip dysplasia which put her in a wheelchair. The family lives in a tri-level home, and the only floor Natasha can access is the ground level, which has no bathroom or bedroom. Currently, Natasha uses the family’s living room as her makeshift bedroom and bathroom. Having a Vertical Platform Lift installed in their home would not only impact Natasha’s life tremendously, but it would affect her entire family!

We Need Your Help: The Vertical Platform Lift needed for Natasha’s home is going to cost $10,000–we need your help to raise these funds by Tuesday, October 31st! Please consider helping out this amazing family by donating, or sharing with your family and friends!

To learn more about Natasha and her story, check out the video below!