Jack B.

“Jack is a 13 year old boy who was born prematurely at 28 weeks.  His primary diagnosis is Cerebral Palsy and is a spastic quadriplegic.  This year HBF completed home modifications for Jack. Up to this point we were lifting jack up and down the stairs while in his wheelchair. This was possible when he was younger and lighter. This summer grandma and grandpa came to town, we noticed this approach was soon was not going to be an option.

We had one contractor from DDRC come out


to bid the project but it was for over $10k.  Financially we could not afford the project at this cost.  Our PT Marge Heyweyer told us about the HBF program and contacted the company.  After a simple paperwork process we began planning and the ramp was installed a few months later.  It was beautiful, quality craftsmanship and materials. The ramp has simplified the critical process of getting jack in and out of the house.

It will prevent injuries, keep him out of weather in transport, and help everyone get motivated to MOVE!  It has truly enhanced our lives by simplifying it.  Eventually it will lead to more independence with his power chair as well. From the initial call I was impressed with the organization,generality, quality,  kindness, and passion of the people there. To coordinate 25+ companies to deliver ramps to families dealing with disease during the Blitz Build is no small endeavor. The world can not have enough organizations and companies doing this difficult work.”‘ – Sean B., father of 2015 recipient Jack B.