Cindy S.

Cindy S. Project

Cindy S.  was diagnosed with advanced Multiple Sclerosis in 1993 and is now wheelchair bound from the progressive illness.

Cindy  was diagnosed with advanced Multiple Sclerosis in 1993 and is now wheelchair bound from the progressive illness. Every year her condition worsened and last year, her husband – who helped with her care and accessibility – passed away suddenly from cancer.

“I have no use of my hands, and virtually everything is difficult,” said Cindy.

Cindy was forced to seek home care from the National MS Society (NMSS). Cindy’s Occupational Therapist said showering was no longer safe for Cindy. A bathroom remodel became crucial for Cindy, who had been receiving bed baths for several months because of her worsening illness and inaccessible bathroom (pictured here). However, her financial needs limited her ability to make the modifications on her own.

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Cindy’s social worker through the NMSS suggested she apply to the Home Builders Foundation to remodel her bathroom. In September 2011, Cindy applied for a roll-in shower and a widened entrance to the bathroom. The HBF then completed a site visit and reviewed it at its monthly gifting council meeting. In December, Dave Jackson (Majestic Development Companies) stepped up to Project Captain the remodel and it was approved to begin!

Jackson organized the trades and suppliers to help with the project. Once construction was underway, it only took about two weeks to complete. HBF was able to modify her shower (pictured below) to accommodate her condition with efficiency and low cost. “This was a really good project with a great volunteer crew,“ said Jackson. “We’ve made a big difference for Cindy and her caregiver.”

“My family was totally shocked about what was going on,” said Sungaila. “I don’t even know how to go on about this. I was thrilled.”

The retail value of the project was close to $5,000, but thanks to support from the NMSS and HBF supporters, the HBF spent less than $700 on the project. A special thanks to Accessible Systems, South Valley Drywall, Majestic Development Companies (all pictured above with Cindy), Tallakson Plumbing, Alpine Lumber, A1 Superior Paint, CCD Interiors, Aurora Winn Nelson and McKee Woodcraft for helping make this project happen.