HBF has Hired an Awesome New Employee to Join Our Team

A warm welcome to Wade Moxley who joined the HBF Staff on October 26th. We believe Wade’s remarkable skills will be a great addition to our HBF crew.

Wade was born to parents who were traveling musicians. He spent his early childhood with his parents touring with the likes of Credence Clearwater Revival and The Alman Brothers Band. He remembers fondly having Dicky Betts, the guitar player for the Alman Brothers as an occasional babysitter.

Wade and his brother grew up in a very strict home, knowing that his mother meant business. He learned at an early age to work hard and take responsibility for his actions. When Wade was 14 years-old he spent 3 weeks in the hospital as a result of an assault when he was riding his bike. One of the side effects from this incident, doctors told Wade, it was unlikely he would be able to father children. As luck would have it, Wade went on to have his daughter, Laura, and two sons. His family and his faith are the most important things in the world to Wade.


Wade is very crafty and likes to work with his hands. He has worked in construction, mostly the flooring industry, for the past 30 years. Like for many others, 2020’s pandemic effected Wade’s life in ways he could not imagine. Wade was forced to revisit his employment course. When a friend emailed Wade HBF’s Lead Construction Technician job description, it was like he was reading his very own wish list. The job felt like an answer to a prayer for the next chapter of his life. Wade reached out to Brian Johnson and the rest as they say is history.

Wade has a vested interest in helping people living with disabilities, as his oldest son has an Asperger’s diagnosis. Although Wade has lived a life that has held some challenges, he believes hard work and the willingness to help others always pays off in the end.

Wade says, “I feel honored to have the opportunity to work with such a great group of people. They all are top notch professionals. Their track record of commendable effort and relentless passion for their cause, was the contributing factor in my decision to pursue my career with HBF.”

Please take a minute to reach out and welcome Wade Moxley to the HBF team!