Shout out to featured Community Partner CCH, #facesofhbf

Starting today, every Friday we will feature a person/team here and our on social media! It will be tagged as #facesofhbf. We wanted to start the first round of shout outs with our Community Partners, today we are super exicited to share our friends at Chanda Center for Health (CCH).

CCH offers direct services including acupuncture, massage, chiropractic, adaptive exercise and adaptive yoga. Services are provided at the Chanda Center for Health and at provider locations nationwide. At CCH integrative therapies promote wellness and healing for acute and chronic conditions caused by physical disabilities. Better health outcomes and lower medical bills galvanize their pursuit for systemic change to have integrative therapies covered by Medicaid.

Since the opening of the center, HBF has been a constant and impactful partner for Chanda Center for Health (CCH) and their participants. As a well-known and respected resource, CCH, has directed several participants to HBF, who steps in to support their housing and accessibility needs. HBF has supported CCH by referring clients for services and securing the donation of equipment such as a washer and dryer when the center opened in 2017.

When asked why CCH partners with HBF, Emma Gardner, Development & Events Manager, responded “HBF treats its clients and partners with the highest regard and has always been a source of light in our community. We are honored to partner with them to support the disability community by pre-screening those we serve, so when we send them over for HBF services, their eligibility and process is smoother.”

Emma continued, “For us, its personal. When our founder and executive director, Chanda, met Beth, she was blown away by Beth’s passion for her position and could see she takes a level of ownership that is much like founder. That is not something we come by often, and it’s profound to witness.”

CCH participants often face challenges outside of the healthcare services and resources they utilize, and HBF has been an incredibly empowering resource for our participants to gain independence in their own homes. If you cannot get out of your own home, how can you access healthcare and all the other things you love so much about life. The CCH community would not understand building independence and elevating lives without HBF!

Are you interested in becoming the next HBF Partner? Find out how more by contacting Lauren Knudsen.

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