“Mayor of Elyria” Returns to Renovated Home: ‘This Is The Best Christmas Present’

Maria Casillas has been a leading member of her Elyria community where she has resided for over 30 years. After she suffered a heart attack and stroke, her daughter and family moved in to provide assistance and make sure Maria was safe. In 2017, the family hired a contractor to create additional space for the family and make modifications to make it easier for Maria to get around. After paying the contractor $67,000 and experiencing multiple delays over a two-year period, the contractor abandoned the project leaving the family without electricity, plumbing and a finished roof. HBF and Aloha Builders stepped in and completed the project, which is valued at $150,000, at no cost and finished in time for the family to celebrate the holidays at home.

To hear more check out this video by CBS channel 4!