Supporter Spotlight: Boise Cascade

For our #supporterspotlight this week, we are featuring 2019 Gold Supporter Boise Cascade.  Boise Cascade is a is proud supporter of HBF’s Annual Celebration and Clubs for a Cause along with a generous amount of In-Kind donations for Blitz Build and projects though out the year, especially the decking for many of our ramps throughout the year. 

Boise Cascade has a proven track record of providing quality wood products and a nationwide building materials distribution network for their customers. They manufacture plywood, engineered wood products and lumber and supply a broad line of wood products and building materials through our 33 distribution locations.

I asked Michael L Smith with Boise Cascade Denver what his most memorable project was  and this is what he had to say:

“My most memorable project was building a ramp Jack K and his family. He was so excited to see us when the team arrived the morning of the build. He stayed with us up to the point when he had to go to school but the excitement he had kept us all pushing through to build the ramp on a very hot day. We gave ourselves the goal of completing the project by the time he returned from school later that day. Jack was so excited though that his Mom brought him home a little earlier that day and he was able to help us complete his ramp by helping install the balusters for the railing. I will never forget the smile on his face when he came back home and saw the ramp for the first time. Then when we asked him to help finish he was over the moon, the day couldn’t have gone any better.”

Thank you Boise Cascade for your continued partnership with the HBF!