Supporter Spotlight: Saddleback Design

For our #Supporterspotlight this week, we are featuring 2019 Platinum Supporter Saddleback Design. Saddleback is proud sponsor of all four events that the HBF hosts, along with many in-kind donations on the projects side throughout the year.

Saddleback Design Center for Home Builders was founded 1995. Saddleback Design partners with home builders to personalize homes through thoughtful design, extensive selection and quality installation.

Luke Waugh is the Vice President of Saddleback Design, chair of the HBF’s Project Fulfillment Committee meetings and an avid Project Captain. In the last year alone, Luke as has been on 21 site visits as Advocate or Photographer, completed 17 work items as a Project Captain, served 13 clients and recruited 2 new Project Captains.

After finishing a site visit for a family of a child with disabilities, I was told that that child doesn’t have bad days anymore because of the work the HBF did, and that really rang true for me. I love giving back.” – Luke Waugh, Vice President of Saddleback Design

Thank you Saddleback Designs and your continued partnership with the HBF!