13-year-old Parker Resident Receives ADA Home Makeover

The Home Builders Foundation (HBF) recently partnered with Toll Brothers and the company’s employees to remodel the home of Trey B., a 13-year-old Parker resident living with Becker’s Muscular Dystrophy, which causes progressive weakness of muscles.

In August of 2013, Trey’s family closed on their new home in Parker, built by Toll Brothers. Just a few weeks earlier, the family had received Trey’s diagnosis, but it was too late to alter the plan for the home. Trey does have some mobility, but gets fatigued often and needs to rely on his power chair for access and respite. Part of Trey’s ongoing care is through the muscle clinic at Children’s Hospital. It was there that the family found out about the HBF, a metro-Denver based nonprofit that modifies homes to make them accessible so that individuals living with a disability can live safe, independent lives once again.

After receiving the family’s request for assistance, the HBF visited the home to assess the project and began sourcing a Project Captain to complete the work. As luck would have it, Toll Brothers had been wanting to team up with the HBF, and since Trey’s home was a Toll Brothers’ home, they were familiar with the floor plan and what could be done to modify it to support Trey. The remodeling project took about two weeks and includes a renovated ADA compliant bathroom, the construction of two ADA ramps and a stair glide so Trey can navigate floor to floor.

Trey’s mother, Marcia says, “We can’t thank the HBF, Toll Brothers and all of the companies and individuals involved in our project enough. Your work improves lives and provides hope. We have a new-found confidence, buoyed by the support of your organization and the wonderful people you’ve assembled, to tackle Trey’s future, knowing that we can get through any obstacles together.”

The total value of the project is nearly $20,000, but thanks to the HBF and Toll Brothers, the family will receive these modifications at no cost. With the modifications complete, Trey and his family will now be able to independently complete daily activities so he can focus on school and extracurricular activities once again.