Where are They Now? Linda V.

Meet Linda, a woman who lets nothing stand in her way of making the world a better place. Over 26 years ago, Linda suffered a spinal cord injury after falling into an open man-hole while running, resulting in complete lower extremity paraplegia. A few years ago, Linda underwent surgery on her back, and had a stroke while in the hospital. The stroke left her unable to speak, and to this day Linda uses a handheld communication board, ASL, and her contagious smiles to communicate. Linda never lost her joy for life or her love of being active! Linda continued to be very active in different sports, and during the fall of 2015, Linda fell out of her wheelchair

during a race, resulting in the complete loss of her left arm. After this injury, Linda reached out to the HBF. In 2016, the HBF completed both a kitchen and bathroom remodel, as well as a ramp for Linda. Since the remodel has been completed, Linda has been busy making the world a better place! Linda loves to cook and bake, and uses her new kitchen to do just that for those around her community! In just over a year, Linda has been able to bake over 75 meals and many, many desserts for those in need! Linda is a true inspiration–she brightens every room she walks into, and no one leaves her presence without a gigantic smile on their face! Thank you, Linda, for helping others in the community!

 “Thanks to you all I can very happily say with gazillions of gratitude that I was able to bake over 75 meals, 220 pans of brownies, 71 cakes and over 1000 cookies to bless others!!!  Oh, I LOVE THE KITCHEN and truly there is not a day that goes by that I don’t say THANKS to you all!!” -Linda V.