A Successful Fundraiser – Pucks for Possibilities

The 2016 Pucks for Possibilities was a huge success that raised over $30,000 and was attended by nearly 400 people.  If you were there, you can attest that it was a fun night – but for the HBF, this event was more than just an enjoyable evening. The success of Pucks for Possibilities directly impacts the work that can be done for those in need of home modifications.

A little history –
The Pucks for Possibilities event was the idea of Kurt Winfield (Milgard Window and Doors) and the 2015 HBF Board President. During the inaugural Pucks for Possibilities in 2011, this little hockey game raised $4,000 for the HBF and drew 150 attendees. Since then, it has grown to raise over $30,000 and draw close to 400 attendees.

A little context –
Like a business, successful nonprofits have financial goals.  Missing a goal at a fundraising event could result in delayed work, or even worse- less projects approved.  Currently, 54% of the HBF’s operating budget is raised during its four fundraising events (Pucks for Possibilities, Grapes & Galleries, Clubs for a Cause Golf and the Annual Luncheon). The success of Pucks for Possibilities has set the pace for a great year fundraising, which means a great year for the number of individuals the HBF can serve.

The committee –
Each of the HBF’s fundraising events is driven by a dedicated committee of volunteers. They are responsible for making sure the event is not only fun, but successful. This year’s Pucks committee consisted of individuals from across the building industry – Kurt Winfield (committee chair/Milgard Windows & Doors), Jay Erickson (ProBuild), Karen Brooks (TRI Pointe Homes), Lori Gorzynski (Wells Fargo), Dan Merciez (Boise), Beth Kenney (Wells Fargo) and Ken Jensen (BAC) and Todd Gerhke (Hallmark Mortgage). This committee is in charge of everything from finding new sponsors, selling tickets and determining sponsor recognition opportunities. Most importantly the committee members are dedicated to helping the HBF reach the financial goals attached to the events that will allow the HBF to serve those in need.  Post-event the success is examined and opportunities for improvement identified. Committees are open to anyone who wants to help. To get involved in an event or appeal planning committee – contact us.

The players –
A spot in the HBF exhibition game is an exclusive opportunity. Teams are limited to 13 players and 1 goalie. These spots fill quickly, first through sponsorships, then individual player fees. This year’s friendly competition was a close one! To check out the teams and learn more about the players visit our website!

The Sponsors –
The HBF is fortunate to have support from some of the most respected companies in the building industry, and beyond. At this year’s Pucks for Possibilities, 33 of these companies participated as sponsors. Sponsorship for this event ranged from $500 to $5000. A huge thank you to all of the companies especially this year’s Slapshot sponsor – ProBuild. You can see all the sponsors for Pucks for Possibilities here.

The Future –
As more potential recipients learn about the services the HBF provides, the more resources will be needed to make these projects happen. In addition to focusing on the continued growth and success of events like Pucks for Possibilities, the HBF is also focusing on diversifying funding, with a focus on individual giving. This funding plan, when executed successfully will allow the HBF the resources to approve all qualifying projects.

Thank you to all the companies and individuals who chose to support the HBF at events like Pucks for Possibilities and throughout the year!