Cooper B.

Cooper, who has several medical conditions including Kniest Dwarfism, is just three feet tall. In order to use the bathroom in her family’s home, she had to walk up a flight of stairs and request assistance from a family member, which became more frustrating the older she got. Her parents, who have eight children including six from the Colorado foster care system, submitted an application to HBF earlier this year requesting a barrier free bathroom with modified features to be built downstairs where Cooper and three of her siblings have bedrooms.

In mid-December 2020, the mainly volunteer crew who had come together to build the new bathroom unveiled it for Cooper. She was delighted at the beautiful new space featuring both a small and regular-sized toilet, a low sink, an accessible shower, heated floors in her favorite black and white subway tile design and even light switches placed at her level. Cooper doesn’t even mind sharing the bathroom with three of her siblings because the specially designed features allow her to function independently.

Christina, Cooper’s mom, is extremely grateful to the HBF and the team that worked on the project. “As a mom, I was concerned about her safety in our other bathroom, yet I recognized the need for a teenager to have privacy,” she said. “Thanks to everyone who worked on this project, she can now function independently and safely.