Bathroom Renovation Empowers Young Boy

It was love at first sight when Holly Booker and her family met Kyro who was just four months old. Kyro had multiple neurological and physical delays, cerebral palsy and epilepsy as a result of shaken baby syndrome. Holly, a trained nurse, and her family opened their home as a foster family to Kyro, whose loving and fighting spirit quickly captured the family’s heart. The family started the process to formally adopt Kyro and he became a member of the Booker family in May of 2022.

Kyro, who is 4 ½ years old, is very motivated and has made tremendous progress under the loving care of the Booker family. He is now able to stand with the help of grab bars and communicate with his family. As Kyro grew, Holly became concerned about the safety of lifting him in and out of the bathtub to bathe him. She learned about HBF from another family and submitted an application for a bathroom renovation.

“The process was so quick and easy and everyone involved was so kind,” states Holly. During the renovation, the bathtub was removed and a roll-in shower with grab bars was installed. Additionally, HBF installed railings in the garage to help Kyro manage the stairs as his walking ability improves.

Holly says that the new shower has empowered Kyro and makes him feel like a “big boy” now that he can shower with just a little assistance from a family member. In fact, he loves it so much, he considers it his special place and often takes his toys in there to play! For Holly, the addition of the shower has eased her concerns about safety and turned bathing into a fun, nightly experience.

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